our testimonials

“ I will not go into the details of our abortion experience except to say that we were newly married some 30 years ago when we had our abortion.

I guess as a man I didn’t realize the impact this would have on us initially and for the most part life went on afterwards, at least in my mind, pretty much normal.  I’m not sure exactly when, but as time went on I began to realize that the abortion was having a significant negative impact on us.  Over nearly 30 years we suffered silently not telling anyone, not our children, parents or closest friends and avoided even discussing it amongst ourselves.  We finally took the big step to go on a Rachel Retreat and I went along with my wife, primarily to support her.  Wow!  Was I in for a surprise!

After the very first evening of the retreat I realized how much I needed to be there, for me, as well as for my wife.  As the retreat unfolded and we began to hear other couples abortion experiences as well as sharing our story, the results were near astonishing.  We shared feelings and emotions between ourselves, as we never had before and by the end of the retreat, the sense of well being, relief, liberation, joy, etc. were so complete, it has literally changed our lives.  The gift of healing I received is impossible to measure.  I sometimes think I got more out of the retreat than my wife, and to think my main reason for attending was to support her.

Being able to share in this experience as a couple has enriched our relationship and opened up a whole new world for us.  Now we not only share our Rachel retreat experience openly amongst ourselves, we have been able to include our family and friends in our healing experience.”
A Father’s Testimony

“Two months have passed since the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat in Kelowna. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for all those who financially support this ministry. Two years ago, I did some one on one counseling that began the process of dealing with my feelings about an abortion that I had experienced years before. It was a comfort to me and a beginning step in helping me to deal with an extremely painful issue….in my opinion, an unforgivable issue. When I heard about the retreat weekend, I was very cautious about going, but felt strongly that God was leading me in that direction. So, I said “yes”.

I am so thankful for the experience.  The healing was deep and one of the most spirit filled times I have ever had in my life. With the help of a loving and supportive team, miracle after miracle after miracle occurred. By the end of the three days, the mercy and forgiveness of God seemed complete. I am not the same person that I was before that weekend. I feel much more able to be who God wants me to be and do whatever He sends my way each and every day.  Thank you again, so much, and God Bless.”
A Mother’s Testimony  

“Rachel’s Vineyard retreat—a weekend that will be long remembered in my memory as a beautiful experience of God’s healing hand at work through a community of loving and caring Christians.

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive in anticipating what to expect, but all my anxiousness soon left me when each participant shared so openly their intense pain and grief.  Never have I experienced such honesty and humility. Everyone shared from the heart and it was done in an atmosphere of total non judgment and acceptance. For myself, it was a time that I could finally let go of much of the guilt and shame I had carried for so many years. I was able to grieve for my aborted child with full respect and to feel forgiveness.

I pray that the many women and men who have not come forward to grieve their aborted children will hear the message of Rachel’s Vineyard, attend a retreat, and receive the many blessings and healing offered by the Lord Jesus Christ.”
A Mother’s Testimony

“The Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat weekend is a powerful step in the right direction of the journey towards wholeness that we all are traveling. Having attended my first retreat weekend in Beautiful Seton House in Kelowna I know now that that was the beginning of a journey into freedom that I never thought I could have. I had no idea the depth of the impact the abortion that my girlfriend and I were involved in had on my inner soul. The Rachel’s Vineyard retreat was a gentle introduction into looking at the issues that surrounded the abortion that were plaguing me even though I did not fully realize they were.

Because of being open to attend the retreat weekend I was eventually able to name some of the issues that were bothering me.  I had been irresponsible.   I had allowed my girlfriend to take the life of the child that we had conceived together without fighting for the life of our baby.  It was too easy just to let the child die in an attempt to cover up the reality of our sexual promiscuity which had produced our child in the first place. These realities plagued my subconscious and I desperately battled to keep them hidden.  But the question was from whom was I hiding them?  I think I thought I could hide them from God.  I certainly was hiding them from myself and from others, but ultimately the one who could forgive me was the one who really needed to know and it was Him I thought I could hide it from ultimately. The question ‘where are you Adam?’ reminds me that God is looking for us in our sin, but He is looking for us so he can forgive us.

In the Living Scripture surrounding the story of Blind Bartimaeus we are encouraged to be open to where we have been blind to the impact of the abortion upon us. Sometimes that blindness is lifted immediately sometimes it is lifted at a later time; however creating the openness to see where we have been impacted is a good start in allowing God to reveal to us the healing that we need. God has revealed to me many other areas that needed healing surrounding the abortion, but I am thankful that it all started on a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat where I was assured that Jesus wanted to heal me and that there was nothing beyond His redeeming hand. That thought kept me open to receive all of the redemption he had for me. Thanks to Rachel’s Vineyard for moving me in that direction.”
A Father’s Testimony