Men attend Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats

Suffering Because of an Abortion You Could Not Stop?
Perhaps your girlfriend or wife had an abortion against your will. You may have been powerless to stop her decision and protect your child. Fathers do not have any rights when their partner is making a decision to abort. Rachel’s Vineyard will help you to grieve your loss and deal with any powerful feelings you may be struggling with.

Can I Attend a Retreat with My Wife?
Yes! Couples who attend a retreat with their spouse report an increase in communication, intimacy, and trust in their relationship-areas negatively impacted by abortion. We understand that each couple is different, there are situations where attending as a couple is not possible or desirable, and sometimes each person can be at different stages of their healing journey. However don’t be afraid to ask your spouse to accompany you on the retreat, especially if you are both parents of the aborted child. Even if your spouse was not involved in the abortion(s), there is still a great benefit in attending the retreat together.

Married to a Post Abortive Woman?
If you love a woman who experienced abortion before you met her, you might find your current relationship with her is being impacted by some of her symptoms. We encourage you to have an open conversation with your wife to decide if you would like to attend the retreat as a couple.

“I never knew my wife had suffered so much pain over an abortion she had before I met her. It was a real eye opener to attend the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat with her and offer my support in an area of her life where there was so much secret grief. Our marriage has truly been blessed. We are closer now than we have ever been and I had the privilege of being able to spiritually adopt her child during the Memorial Service.”
— Mike